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APRILAIRE Humidifier in Rochester

Model 600/500 series humidifiers

Most homeowners experience the effects of indoor RH every day, 
even if they don’t realize it. Anyone who has taken a hot shower in 
winter knows the feeling of stepping out into a muggy bathroom 
that’s  75  degrees  with  70%  humidity.  It’s  warm  and  cozy  even  
though you’ve left the hot water. However, step out into the hallway 
and things feel drastically different! While the temperature is only 
a few degrees cooler, the RH is closer to 10%, making you feel like 
it’s frigid in the rest of the house. Turning up the heat won’t help if 
RH is not controlled, because the evaporative cooling process will 
continue.  No doubt you have also experienced painful static shock 
in the winter time. This is caused by the dry air that is in everyone’s 
house during the heating season. Improving comfort requires 
maintaining proper RH (35 – 45%) throughout the house.

Humidity can’t be seen, touched, or smelled. However, when properly 
controlled,  humidity  offers  many  proven  benefits.  Humidification  
during the heating season not only provides comfort, it helps protect 
the home and its furnishings from the harmful effects of air that’s too 
dry. In addition, physicians often recommend controlling humidity 
to guard against dry skin, hair, and scratchy throats. It also reduces 
undesirable winter-time static electricity. Humidifier in Rochester Aprilaire in Rochester

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 Bypass humidifiers offer high efficiency, simple design and minimal maintenance. Bypass humidifiers are available in multiple sizes depending on need and HVAC system. Bypass humidifiers can be installed with an automatic or manual control and require maintenance just once year.   

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